The Cast

Violetta Talbot

Violetta hails from London originally. After scandal drove her out of her parents’ home, she arrived in America, searching for a new life. The only thing she’s truly loved was reading about strange creatures and hunting, so when she heard tale of a witch doing harm in a nearby settlement, she rode out to see if she could help. For a year she traveled alone, finding work wherever the supernatural lay, and then she met Gabe Valentine at a ranch in New Mexico. Violetta has never wanted to be less than herself, and she loves the impermanence of their travel, meaning no one has to know her for very long.

Since Violetta was young, her dreams have been filled with the images of a muddy plain and a river. She can see the shape of three old women, and there are birds watching her. These dreams haunt her nearly every night, and she worries it’s a vision of her future.

Gabe Valentine

Gabe has always wandered. He took odd jobs since he could work, traveling for some of them, and after his father died he no longer had anything holding him down. More recently he worked at a ranch as a cowboy, where he met Violetta, and became enamored with her work. He always tries to keep a level head in the face of their many dangers. He’s a touch romantic, loves to sing, and does consider going back and making a home on occasion, but there’s still too much in this world to see.

Collette Voclain

Collette is a humble Creole gator hunting living in Louisiana. She has as much love for adventure as the travelers and was raised as a professional monster hunter. She meets the travelers when they hunted the Tainted Keitre, and it will undoubtedly not be the last time they cross paths.

Aggie West

Aggie met Leith on a rainy night one September, and was so grateful when he shot her father that she ran off with him to rob banks. Angry, hurt, and carrying more baggage than she can handle on her own, she’s utterly devoted to her beau.

Leith Vilaro

At thirteen, Leith was on the run. He started bankrobbing at seventeen, and met Aggie one night. He instantly fell in love with her and took her on a crime spree. He’s more grounded than his belle and takes care of her as much as he can. He and Aggie met the travelers while trying to rob a train that turned out to be haunted.

Marie Wells

Not often seen, Marie Wells is best felt in her absence. Gabe left his lady love behind on the ranch he worked on before meeting Violetta. They promised each other nothing, but still they remain true. Like Penelope of myth, she is clever and strong, and she keeps one eye on the horizon.