The Lantern – Historical Notes

Very few notes today. I did research into the gold rush and the sort of methods used to mine gold there, but honestly I went closer to coal miners and the sort of towns they left behind. When I went hunting for mining songs too, I mostly found songs for coal miners. I could also go into the legend I borrowed from, but I kind of only found it in a few places, and I was really just struck by the image of a giant skeleton with a lantern in its chest walking the desert.

The truth is, this came out a little rushed and even a week late, because I have given myself way too many projects. With the next chapter in this story being what it is, I have a ton of research I wanted to get through before I even started writing it. For that reason, June will skip a normal chapter of Deadlands. I plan to put out a Tales from the Deadlands, which are shorter and a little more easily managed (and I have one half-written), but another proper chapter won’t appear until August 21.

I have a few more Modern Monsters pieces I was going to write, but really I’m going to give myself May off to sort through the many, many projects I’ve been working on. I’ve been pretty proud of myself for doing this for a year consistently, along with my writing blog, which has been updating with a consistent story as well. Last year I was incredibly motivated and able to keep up with all this, but I think I need a short break to get back that motivation. There will be little things posted here and there in between, but nothing major until August. Thank you for your patience!


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