Black Cat Fiction

I started this series primarily as an experiment. I wanted to force myself to consistently put out work, I wanted to do a serial, and I wanted to see if I had the drive to complete a thing. In doing this, I’ve found in me a work ethic I haven’t really had before, which has helped me in completing other projects as well. I’ve decided to extend this desire to produce content to a writing blog, in which I work on ideas, write short stories, and post concepts I’ve been playing with.


The blog is here. Currently I have posted a few concepts, fairy tale based short stories, and an excerpt from a monster mash Victorian murder mystery I spent the last year working on. Feel free to check it out, and I plan to supply it with content consistently and will be posting something all through October this Halloween if you’re looking for more spooky tales.

If you haven’t gotten enough of my writing, feel free to also check out my R.L. Stine Fear Street recap blog Welcome to Fear Street, which already has about thirty entries and is about to launch into its Halloween themed month. If you’re nostalgic for one of the most popular horror series of the 90s, I recommend it.

Thanks for reading!


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