The Tainted Keitre – Historical Notes

There aren’t that many notes for this chapter. The focus of this chapter was on the characters, which is why the Keitre is sort of secondary in its own story.

The name “The Tainted Keitre” comes from the Wikipedia page of the Honey Island Swamp Monster. I could find no other use of the word, but I like the sound of it, and in this story I often try to use different or made up words for real things, mostly to differentiate them from those things. As with many of these cryptids, the Honey Island Swamp Monster is newer than most folks know. The earliest sighting appears to be 1963.

La Gueule is not in the Honey Island Swamp. It’s not really anywhere. Imagine a magical version of Louisiana. Perhaps there are swamp towns on stilts. I can’t make any promises. Communities did exist made up of free people of color primarily in French communities and specifically in New Orleans and Louisiana, so I like to think La Gueule has been one for a long time.

Gator hunting was and is a real lifestyle for many people. Now alligator numbers are disappearing, but according to sources I’ve found, in the 19th century, there were hundreds of alligators. The description of shining a light over the water and seeing the reflection of a hundred eyes staring back at you didn’t spring from my imagination. Most alligators wouldn’t attack a person, but it wouldn’t be very exciting if one didn’t.

Batilda is not practicing anything in particular. I’m fond of the image of prophecy by bones, which I found little historical precedent for in a cursory search.

The Creole spoken is primarily based on Haitian Creole, since I found far more materials for that. The materials I found for Louisiana Creole seemed to match it, so hopefully I made no major flubs. Here is the link to the song Collette sings.


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